Board Goals






Goal 1: Expect all students meet or exceed expectations in all academic areas

††††††††††† Activities:

  1. Improve student performance in all academic areas.
  2. Ensure all schools make Adequate Yearly Progress.
  3. Effectively use data to inform instruction.
  4. Increase the number of students completing their academic program at Cony High School.
  5. Explore and possibly increase the programming options at Cony High School


Goal 2: Review the Augusta Board of Education Policy Manual

††††††††††† Activities:

1.      Create a Board Sub Committee to review and recommend policies currently in place.

2.      Review the policy draft as prepared by Maine School Management Association.

3.      Prepare and submit policies for consideration by the Augusta Board of Education.



Goal 3:Implement Response to Intervention

††††† Activities:

1.      Create RTI teams in each of the school.

2.      Identify at-risk students who are risk of academic or behavioral failure.

3.      Develop Plans for at-risk


Goal 4: Promote the Augusta School Department and maintain positive public relations

††††††††††† Activities:

  1. Showcase individual schools on a monthly basis.
  2. Reach settlements with the Augusta Education Support Unit and the Augusta Administratorsí Association.
  3. Develop a budget for school year 2011-2012 with public participation and support.