Websites for Grades 4, 5, 6



The Atoms Family

 Energy Quest
Minerals  The Gene Scene
eNature-pictures Endangered Animals
Endangered Animals-E.Learning Zoom Rainforest
Energy Quest Rocks
EPA - Solve a Mystery EPA Explorers Club
Natural Resources Conservation Learning about Water Pollution
Earth 911 Recycle City
Food Web Food Chains and Webs
Kid Genetics Food Chains-2
Igneous Rocks The Rock Cycle
Minerals By Name Sedimentary Rocks
Groupings of Minerals Gemstones
A Wonderful World of Minerals Rocks and Minerals Slide Show

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Language Arts
Grammar Gorillas Wacky Web Tales

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AAA Math Quick Flash - Flashcards
Spacey Math Math Mayhem
Fun Brain-Baseball Multiflyer
(multiplication for upper grades)

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Social Studies
ThinkQuest Explorers Enchanted Learning-Zoom Explorers
Explorer Biographies Gander Academyıs European Explorers
Explore Mayan & Aztec Cultures State of Maine
Walk Around a Court and Listen to an Ancient Aztec Song Explore an Ancient Ball Game
Virtual Jamestown Lost King of the Maya
Jametown Online Adventure Jamestown Rediscovery
Powhatan Village John Rolfe
Native Americans The Study of Native Americans 
Carnegie Museum of Natural History  

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Graphics/Clip Art

Clip Art-Discovery School


iKeepBookmarks - Fifth Grade

Mrs. Edgecomb's Recommended Sites - Gilbert School


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