Websites for Grades 4, 5, 6

Social Studies

Exploring the
Earliest Civilizations

First & Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Mesopotamia

  ThinkQuest Journey to Ancient Civilizations
Eternal Egypt Ancient Egypt Web Quest
Explore Ancient Egypt - Nova Kids Connection
Egyptian Social Pyramid  
The Social Classes in Ancient Egypt Social Classes in Ancient Egypt


Iceman Links
BBC: Death of the Iceman

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
The King Center Seattle Times: MLK, Jr.
Time Magazine Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
A Quiz About Him Virtual Tour of MLK Jr.s' Birth Home
National Civil Rights Museum Civil Rights Movement
National Park Service
CNN Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks & the Bus
Brief History of Civil Rights  

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Science Explorer


Natural Disasters The Disaster Area
Views of the Solar System Zoom Astronomy - Enchanted Learning
Magic School Bus Space Chase  Kids Astronomy
 Star Child National Space Science Data Center

iKeepBookmarks - Sixth Grade

Mrs. Edgecomb's Recommended Sites - Gilbert School

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