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Augusta School District Vision

Our school system is one in which:


Learning and teaching are personalized to be meaningful and to promote achievement. 

Through Personal Learning Plans we challenge every student to develop and achieve.


The environment is safe, nurturing and respects the individual.

Learning is fun and possible only in a safe place.  Safety means a culture of civility and respect in secure, modern facilities.  It means involving social and mental health services when needed.  We strive to respect and celebrate each individual.


Communication among students, parents, teachers, and the community promotes positive change.


The community is committed to the school system, invests in it and benefits from it.

We bring the community into the schools through volunteer programs, mentoring and by combining schools with health care, childcare, cultural and recreational and social service activities.


Resources are available to meet educational needs and aspirations. 

Meeting needs and aspirations requires federal, state, local and private resources; modern, well-designed and constructed facilities; justly compensated employees and up to date technology that enhances traditional educational need.



Vision Core Beliefs