Computer Technology Curriculum

Computer Technology Curriculum

The committee used the NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) as a guide so the curriculum has standards and performance indicators in Basic Operations and Concepts, Social & Ethical Issues, Technology Productivity Tools, Technology Communications Tools, and Technology Research Tools. The Technology Curriculum is in alignment with Augusta’s Student Expectations and the Maine Learning Results.

The Augusta School Department’s Technology Curriculum requires the use of technology as a tool for students to access, manage, process, interpret, and communicate information in order to meet the mandate of the Maine Learning Results. Technology empowers collaboration, decision-making, problem solving, research, data collection and manipulation, reporting, and creative presentation of ideas. When students are provided with a technology-rich learning environment by incorporating it into the learning process, students are able to have the functional and analytical skills needed in a technological society.

Augusta’s technology curriculum is based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS) initiated by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). The standards can be used to plan activities involving technology that enable students to achieve success in learning, communication, and life skills. In the Maine Learning Results, technology standards are included in the descriptors of the Guiding Principles and are embedded throughout the content areas. As curriculum integration continues to be encouraged, technology is an excellent tool to facilitate this.

Curriculum objectives begin at the Kindergarten level and are expanded in the following grade levels. Students become more proficient in technological skills as they learn new software programs, integrate new topics, and develop more challenging projects.

Kindergarten Computer Technology Curriculum
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